About Spin TEK

Spin TEK AS is one of the oldest IT companies in Estonia. On 1 October 2021, we celebrated our 30th year of operation.

During the early days of our company we were active in creating small specialised software and software for servicing sports competitions and repairing computers. Today, the main activity is the creation of original software with a wide range of users, for both Estonian and international customers in the public and private sectors. We have developed more than 60 different original software and information systems over 30 years. The information systems we have created have been integrated with other national information systems through the X-Road, creating a range of e-services for citizens and institutions. We produce software on behalf of our customers, through public procurements and self-funding. We also provide hosting services in modern cloud environments, IT infrastructure management, hardware sales, maintenance, and repair, as well as various IT security solutions.

In 2006, we implemented the ISO 9001 quality management system at Spin TEK and we are one of the three X-Road service providers in Estonia.

Spin TEK combines innovation with long-term IT and software development experience. Our core values are quality and stability – developing information systems that function in the long term. Our aim is to gain the trust of our customers and guarantee their satisfaction with our activities, products, and services.

Our information systems are of interest in countries around the world – we operate in Lithuania and Austria, and in cooperation with the US Department of State we develop information systems for ministries in Cyprus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kosovo, and Georgia.

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